Mossy Oaks Whistling Wings Neo Handwarmer - MO-WWD

Mossy Oaks Whistling Wings Neo Handwarmer - CLOSEOUT

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Mossy Oak DuckBlind  -  Mossy Oak Blades
Mossy Oak Neoprene Hand Warmer comes with a zippered storage pocket, 10 external shell holders, and three internal choke tube pouches. There is a lined hand warming pocket and comes with snap on clips and adjustable carry strap.
  • The Mossy Oak Neoprene Handwarmer comes with an adjustable carrying strap and snap on clips for extra security so you don't lose it.
  • Tons of storage for personal items/extra equipment.
  • Comes in Mossy Oak's Duck Blind and Mossy Oak Blades pattern.
Color: MossyOak Blades|MossyOak Duckblind

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