Power Hunter Gun Sling - DU Gun Sling - 00905

Power Hunter Gun Sling - DU Gun Sling


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Killerweed  -  Buck Brush  -  Marsh Grass

Avery manufacturers many DU Logo products but possibly the most functional of all is the Power Hunter Gun Sling.  A gun sling for carrying your shotgun in a safe, hands free mode is essential if you are going to take advantage of surprise flights when performing hunt task like rearranging the decoys.  This gun sling is made from 10mm thick neoprene for a soft padded feel that distributes the load and holds secure on the shoulder with a backing of rubberized lining that is non-slip.  The face is made of Durastretch to resist wear and provide long life.  The rugged swivels are locking style Uncle Mike's.  The backbone of this essential duck hunting gear is the heavy-duty web strap with its ergonomic thumb loop.   The Power Hunter Gun Sling is adjustable up to 48 inches.

  • Beefy 10mm Neoprene sling
  • Tough Durastretch facing Non-slip rubberized backing
  • Uncle Mike's locking swivels
  • Heavy-duty webbing strap
  • Ergonomic thumb loop
  • Adjustable to 48" in length
Color: Killerweed|Marsh Grass|Buck Brush

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