Radians 430, Rad 430/ehp    Elec Muff Black

Radians 430, Rad 430/ehp Elec Muff Black


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Radians 430-ehp black and the 430-ehp4u camo are electronic sound amplification earmuffs.One independent microphone picks up and amplifies low sound level noises.They have a compact folding feature for easy storage.When sound levels exceed 85db, the electronic circuit automatically protects at nrr 26.These muffs also amplifies sound while they protect hearing.They also feature an on/off volume control, padded headband and a battery life of about 200 hours.

Type: Electronic
Color: Black Ear Cups with Black Headband
Nrr: 26 dB
Quantity: 1 Pair
Style: Over the Head
Battery: AA

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