Stingray Guardz


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Stingray Protection
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Sting Ray Guardz - Sting Ray Protection

A nasty sting ray encounter is nasty, but the worst is yet to come.  A sting ray bite (puncture) only gets more painful as time goes by.  If you have an unfortunate encounter with a ray, a hot water bath seems to reduce or even eliminate the pain.  Dress the wound and seek doctors advise as required.  But even better, avoid the pain with Sting Ray Guardz.  Stingray Guardz protect you from 12 inches up your leg down to your heel.  Manufactured from 600 Denier Polyester fabric, these sting ray protection leggings use polycarbonate insert to guard against painful sting ray encounters.   Waterproof to prevent collecting water and weight.  These guards fit snug and attached with 2 comfortable 1" straps in the back and a single strap under the heel.  Each strap has a quick release buckle for easy on and off.    Wear boots or heavy wading shoes to protect toes, sole and front of foot because Sting Ray Guards do not cover these areas.  Manufactured in the USA in khaki and various sizes.   Manufacturer lifetime warranty

  • Protect you from 12 inches up your leg down to your heel 
  • Manufactured from 600 Denier Polyester fabric
  • Polycarbonate inserts guard against painful sting ray encounters
  • Water proofing to remain dry and lightweight
  • Comfortable, secure fit with two 1 inch polyester straps behind the leg and 1 strap going under the foot
Color: Beach Tan
Size: Small|Medium|Large|X-Large|2X-Large



4-7 yr old child

6 to 9 inch
circumference calves

50-100 lb Person

9 to 14 inch circumference calves

100-200 lb

14 to 18 inch circumference calves

180-250 lb

18 to 23 inch circumference calves

250-350 lb

23 to 28 inch circumference calves

350-500 lb

28 to 34 inch circumference calves

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