UnderTaker 12 Ga Turkey Choke Tube

UnderTaker 12 Ga Turkey Choke Tube


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06955 - Remington & Charles Daly
06958 - Beretta Mobil, Benelli, Franchi, Traditions ALS 2100, Stoeger and Gazelle Series
06960 - Beretta Optima Plus, Extrema, AL 391, Benelli SBE2 and M2 Super 90

This choke tube works with high density loads, such as Hevi-Shot, bismuth and tungsten. It features a blued finish, 3-inch long tube with a knurled end for easy removal.

The ported tube acts as a muzzle brake to help reduce recoil on hard hitting turkey loads.   And, this turkey choke tube's ports also help separate the shot cups from the shot string, giving better downrange patterns.

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Model: 6955- Remington & Charels Daly|6958 - Beretta Mobil Benelli Franchi Traditions ALS 2100 Stoeger and Gazelle Series|6960 - Beretta Optima Plus Extrema AL 391 Benelli SBE2 and M2 Super

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