Wicked Wing Extended Choke Tubes |  1136031

Wicked Wing Extended Choke Tubes

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Invector Plus
Long Range: 1130315 - $ 52.49
Medium Range - 1130316: $ 52.49
Close Range - 1130317: $ 52.49

2 Pack - 1130318 - Close and Long Range - $ 87.49

The Wicked Wing Extended Choke Tubes are designed specifically for steel shot and a wicked pattern at any range. With 3 options to choose from you are prepared for any conditions. The close range is perfect for decoying birds, especially in flooded timber. Select the medium range when you expect less decoy commitment and longer shots. And, for the bird snipers, the long range choke holds the tightest pattern for more shot on target at long ranges. And, what an awesome looking choke tube! The Wicked Wing Extended tubes feature a black oxide finish on 17-4 stainless steel that looks so cool and is remarkably durable. The knurled diamond end which extends beyond the end of the barrel provides a classic silver accent and a sure grip for easy in and out. NOTE: These tubes are not compatible with the flat style tube wrenches. Put more wicked steel on target with the Wicked Wing Extended choke tubes. Invector - Plus.

  • Available in 3 chokes for a variety of shooting options
  • Designed to shoot steel shot
  • Durable 17-4 stainless steel
  • 70% pattern for long range tube
  • 50% pattern for medium range pattern
  • 30% pattern for close range pattern
Model: Long Range - 1130315|Medium Range - 1130316|Close Range - 1130317|2 Pack - Long Range & Close Range - 1130318

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