Rivers West Cascade Jacket

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Rivers West Cascade Jacket - Taupe
Rivers West Cascade Jacket - Taupe

Rivers West Cascade Jacket

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 Navy  -  Black  -  Taupe  -  Loden

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100% Waterproof & Windproof Jacket

Unfortunately, the term “waterproof” has been thrown around so much, that it doesn’t mean what it used to. Just so there are no mistakes, when we say waterproof we mean waterproof. And, not just waterproof for a certain period of time. What if your car windshield was only waterproof for 6 months or a year? Or your roof? Would that be good enough for you? Because it isn’t good enough for us.

What good is waterproof without its second cousin, windproof? Because the H2P System cuts 100% of the wind, it keeps you warmer with fewer layers, helping you defy Mother Nature every chance you get.

Each garment is self-insulating (without the need to sew in bulky insulation). Although we won’t give a specific temperature range (individual comfort zones vary from person to person), we do guarantee that you will eliminate at least one under layer if you wear our hunting gear. This creates less bulk, more mobility, and a better hunt.

H2P is simply one durable fabric. Make no bones about it, H2P will go through briars, thorns, and even barbed wire (be careful of razor wire though) without so much as a scratch. If you do put a hole in the fabric, you will probably have more to worry about than getting wet – whatever is strong enough to penetrate H2P will most likely leave a pint of blood behind.

Because the H2P System combines warmth & insulation in a 100% waterproof / windproof garment, you now only have one jacket to worry about – instead of 2 or 3. Use one jacket when it’s cold and windy. If it happens to rain, don’t worry – it’s also 100% waterproof. We figure you’ve got enough to carry already, without worrying about packing extra coats. With an average jacket weight of 2.2 lbs., you barely notice the weight. And that’s exactly how we want it.

Because we use a soft fleece exterior, H2P is extremely quiet. But here’s the kicker – it’s just as quiet at 50 degrees as it is below zero. Most waterproof fabrics get as noisy as a bag of potato chips when the temperature drops…but not H2P.

Unlike most waterproof fabrics, the H2P System offers extraordinary stretch-ability. At 40 lbs. of tension, H2P stretches an incredible 6 inches. In practical terms, this provides the wearer with more comfort and mobility without the worry of tension-based tears