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Mojo Wind Dove Decoy - HW7201
Mojo Wind Dove Decoy - HW7201

Mojo Wind Dove Decoy

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Wind Activated Spinning Wing Dove Decoy
Now here is an essential dove hunting gear that is easy and inexpensive.  But, it will make a huge difference on those fly-by doves.  It is the Mojo Dove, but in a wind driven configuration.  The world leader in spinning wing decoys, you would expect nothing less than MOJO to produce the first air driven dove decoy.   The slightest breeze brings the Mojo Wind Dove Decoy alive with the appearance of a hovering dove spotting the perfect landing spot.  Effective - heck yes, because it is remarkably realistic.  Get your Mojo Wind Dove Decoy and dove hunt like a pro.

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