Big Man Waders for guys with a big chest or belly. We call these stout or husky size waders
Big & Tall / Big Belly / Size 15, 16, 17, 18
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      Let’s face it - finding waders for big men isn’t easy. Most options don’t accommodate your body in the way you need. But we’re here to help. Our big and tall waders help even the biggest and most burly men enjoy a comfortable, dry day outdoors fishing or hunting - no movement restrictions or immobility at all!

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      Stay Comfortable & Dry All Day Long With Big and Tall Waders At Texas Fowlers!

      Finding a comfortable pair of waterfowl waders isn’t easy. But if you’re on the bigger side, finding a pair of waders that actually fits your body and allows you to move freely throughout the day is even tougher. You’re stuck feeling restricted all day or foregoing the waders and just getting wet - neither of these situations makes for a fun, comfortable hunt. We know this frustration all too well - which is why we’re proud to offer the best selection of big man waders online. 

      Here at Texas Fowlers, we’ve curated the most highly sought-after king-size waders in the waterfowl industry. You’ll be able to shop top brands like Banded, Lacrosse, Itasca, and more. You’re sure to find a pair of big and tall waterfowl waders that fit your body here. But the best part? They fit your budget, too. We offer the lowest prices in the industry so you can upgrade your wardrobe for hunting day without breaking the bank. All of this is backed by unbeatable customer service - what more could you ask for? Shop now and get the pair of waders you deserve.

      What Makes Our Collection Of Big Man Waders So Special?

      We know what you’re thinking - what makes shopping for big and tall waders at Texas Fowlers any different from the next online retailer? We’re glad you asked. First and foremost, we have used our 55+ years of experience as duck hunters to carefully select the products we offer. We’ve vetted these brands ourselves so you can trust that any product in our store is a worthy addition to your arsenal. We don’t sell it if we wouldn’t hunt with it ourselves - and our king-size waders are no exception to this rule. 

      But, we don’t just sell waders for the big fellas out there - we sell waders for everyone. Whether you’re looking for youth duck hunting waders, breathable waders, uninsulated waders, or even fishing waders - you’ll find them here.

      Not only do you get the best products in the game when you shop with us - but you also get the best prices. We know you work hard for your money, and we do everything we can to help you keep as much of it in your pocket when you buy waders from us. 

      But the biggest reason duck hunters flock to Texas Fowlers when they need some gear or king size waders? Our customer service. Why not buy your essentials from duck hunters like yourself? That way, you know you’re getting the quality big and tall waterfowl waders you deserve. And if you ever have any questions or need help placing an order, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our favorite part of the day is chatting it up with fellow duck hunters like yourself.

      Get Your King Size Waders Today and Prepare For Your Next Hunt!

      Ready to upgrade your wardrobe and get some big man waders that actually fit your body? It’s time to start hunting in comfort - say goodbye to those old, restricting, ill-fitting waders you’ve been putting up with and treat yourself. Once you start browsing the king size waders we offer below, you’ll see for yourself just how many different options we have for you to choose from - and if you need help picking yours out, give us a ring!