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      Our hunting clothing brands category is a great place to go when you are sh0pping for quality hunting clothes at everyday low prices. Here we list the top brands in the business and make it easy for the shopper to hunt down the best deal on the perfect hunting brand product. Read further to learn more about brands and brand awareness or select a category above and hunt the best deals on popular outdoor brands.

      A brand distinguishes the products of one manufacturer from similar products a competing manufacturer. A company will use many features such as its name, logo, design, slogan or other symbols to differentiate itself from competitors. Brands are used throughout the business community to raise awareness and value of the company's products. "Brandr" , which translates "to burn" is an Old Norse derivative of our word brand. "Brandr" was the process of burning marks on products to identify the origin or the product. Similarly, the practice of livestock branding has been used to burn a unique symbol on livestock animals to indicate ownership.

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      The company's brand is often the most valuable asset. And, although intangible, the brand is listed on a company's balance sheet. Companies management their brands by a technique know as brand evaluation. This technique assigns a monetary value to the brand and allows marketing investment to be managed to maximize brand's value. The huge value that many brands demand and potential of any brand to be managed in a way to grow value, is why the top companies like Drake Waterfowl, Lacrosse Footwear and Browning are committed to developing and protecting their brand recognition and reputation. And, since the logo and possibly a trade name usually represent a brand, these can be held in great esteem by established companies.

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      Chyawanprash, a paste produced from herbal blends, is probably the oldest brand. This brand dates back to 1100 B.C.E to 500 B.C.E. The Italians used brands in the form of watermarks on paper in the 13th century.

      The industrial revolution made brand recognition more important than ever. Mass-produced goods were being sold to an ever broadening market - and replacing or competing with locally produced goods. But because the consumer knew and trusted the local product, the manufacturers of mass produced products were faced with the problem of convincing consumers that they could trust mass produced products as much as the local products.

      Around 1900, James Walter Thompson published a house ad which many consider to be the birth of DU Brandtrademark advertising and was an early explanation of what we now know as branding. Companies caught on quickly and soon, in addition to logos and trade names, they were seizing slogans, mascots and musical jingles to identify and make their brand recognizable. By the 1940s, manufacturers understood the way in which consumers were developing relationships with their brands and began taking advantage of broad brand research among consumers.

      Manufacturers were quick to link their brand to emotions such as youthfulness, fun or luxury. And it was a success. Today, as in the past, consumers buy the brand as mush as the product. And, often the bran is worth more than the company. For example in 1988, Kraft was purchased by Phillip Morris for 6 times what the company was worth on paper.

      And, that is why many shoppers will be clicking our hunting clothing brands category and shopping by brand. Top hunting gear brands are a powerful force in the retail market and companies continue to spend billions of advertising dollars to make sure your recognize and trust their hunting clothing brand.

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