Our Core values

The Outdoors is life's greatest escape where you find a sense of peace and purpose. Like you, we care about the memories we make out in the field and we have a passion for quality hunting gear. Through this, our mission is being a part of helping people collect life long experiences through the gear we sell. If you love the outdoors as much as we do, come see what we're about and join our family.

Relationship Driven

Every day we work hard to build positive and fun relationships, not just within our business, but with our customers as well. One of our biggest goals is to bring back that personal touch and feel of a small business no matter what size we are. Relationships are the most valuable thing in this world. We strive to build better and stronger relationships with everyone we come in contact with. 

Add Value

Always give more than you take. Under our roof, we look for ways to add value to each other every day whether that be teaching someone something new or dedicating our own time to better someone around us. With our customers, we always strive to put them first in everything.  Our business model is to over deliver time and time again so we create the ultimate customer experience.

Do the Right Thing

No matter what, we strive to always do the right thing and make decisions based on what is morally right. We treat every one of our customers as family and do whatever we can to help them create unforgettable memories in the great outdoors. In the field, we honor and respect the laws put in place to maintain a healthy population of species for future generations. We harvest all game with stewardship and respect for God’s amazing creation.

Accept Responsibility

We always take full responsibility for anything and everything we do. When there is an issue, we take extreme ownership and never place the blame. Every task we do has our name on it, so we strive to complete it to the absolute best of our abilities. 

Go the Extra Mile

We take pride in over delivering for our customers and our co-workers. Each day we strive to exceed expectations. We do NOT do the bare minimum. We know that in order to create anything truly great we have to go above and beyond, not just part of the time, but all the time. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the overjoyed reactions produced by our extra effort and intent. 

Better Everyday

We believe in doing 1% better every day. We know that small wins compound over time, so every day we strive to be better than the day before. We're a group that is always learning so that we can consistently bring you accurate and confident answers. There are always ways to improve at our craft or with our customers. Personal growth is essential to bettering ourselves and our brand.

Be Humble

 Humility is very important when it comes to the accomplishments of ourselves and the brand. We believe in celebrating the wins when they come but are quick to put them in the past so we can continue moving forward in the direction we want to go. We always remember to include those who helped us along the way, because no one task is ever achieved by a single person.    

Take Initiative

We don’t wait around for someone to give us a task. When something needs to be done, we act on it immediately. We are driven and internally motivated. If we spot a problem before it comes to light, we work to get it fixed right away instead of waiting for it to surface.