Waterfowl & Duck Hunting Jackets


Without the right gear, waterfowling can be downright miserable. It doesn’t have to be this way. With our selection of waterfowl jackets online, you’ll be prepared for any conditions you face - freezing cold, howling winds, torrential downpours, you name it. Shop the top brands in the industry at the lowest prices online today! 

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Experience Your Most Comfortable Hunt Yet With Waterfowl Jackets At Texas Fowlers!

Texas Fowlers is all about Duck hunting jackets. We are waterfowl and duck hunting for 9 months each year. As you can imagine, we encounter some pretty rough conditions along the way! Thus, anything other than a really good waterfowl hunting jacket will not hold the road. No need to stress about where you’re going to find your jacket, though. We’re your trusted source for camouflage jackets for duck hunting from all the popular brands in the waterfowl hunting community. Whether you’re shopping for Banded waterfowl gear or Drake duck hunting clothes, you’ll find exactly what you need here in our online store.

Ducks hunters scan the skies looking for ducks, and ducks scan the ground looking for hunters as well as other dangers. So every duck hunter knows the importance of concealment when duck hunting. And, shortly after those first shots are fired on opening day, concealment becomes the single most important factor on any duck hunt. Besides using a natural form of cover, your best tool for concealment is a camo duck hunting jacket. Buy a jacket in the latest waterfowl camo patterns - Realtree Max5, Mossy Oak Blades, or Mossy Oak Bottomland and you and your concealment problems will disappear for good - while your blind bag fills to the brim.

What Makes Our Collection Of Duck Hunting Jackets So Special?

Wondering what makes our collection of duck hunting jackets so special? There’s a reason more and more duck hunters like yourself are shopping with us. Not only do we offer the best selection of gear from your favorite brands online - but, we also keep our prices lower than anywhere else so you can stretch your budget further. To top it all off, we offer unbeatable service every step of the way. It doesn't get much better than that!

If you aren’t entirely sure what you want or need, don’t be shy. Reach out to our expert customer support team. We’re passionate waterfowlers, and the highlight of our day is getting to talk shop with other duck hunters. We’re available to help you pick your wardrobe out depending on your location, conditions, budget, and more. 

Complete The Look By Shopping Beyond Our Waterfowl Jackets Category

Our waterfowl hunting jackets are one of our hottest sellers. After all, every duck hunter needs at least a few quality waterfowl jackets for when conditions get dreary. However, we have all the other duck hunting clothing you may need to complete the look and stay safe/comfortable. Browse our selections of waterfowl waders (including a separate collection of big and tall waders), duck hunting bibs, and much, much more so you’re prepared for anything mother nature throws your way on hunt day!