Nightride NightRide Scout Thermal Camera Scout 384-13
Nightride NightRide Scout Thermal Camera
Nightride NightRide Scout Thermal Camera
Nightride NightRide Scout Thermal Camera
Nightride NightRide Scout Thermal Camera Scout 384-35
Nightride NightRide Scout Thermal Camera Scout 384-13 with Case

NightRide Scout Thermal Camera


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High Resolution Thermal Camera with 360° Remote Control. Bring your situational awareness to the next level! See predators, farm animals, deer, people and objects on the road in darkness, rain, snow, fog, smoke.

Sensitive equipment needs protection! Our Scout Protective Cases are designed to be rugged, and travel the harshest environments on the planet.

Main Features:

  • Remote controlled panning + tilting provides full + safe situational awareness
  • Magnetic mount for quick and easy rooftop mounting, powered through cigarette lighter adapter
  • Automatically captures video displayed on phone, tablet or computer
  • Application: Animal/pedestrian detection, hunting, search + rescue, firefighting, law enforcement, security, transport and construction, outdoor recreation, etc.


  • Dimensions: 7 1/4"x6 3/8"x 6 3/4"
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to +140°F
  • Sealed Design: IP69
  • Sensor Type: 384 x 288 Uncooled Micro-bolometer
  • FPS: 25hz
  • Power Consumption: 3W
  • Power Requirements: 12-16 VDC
Model Detection Recognition  Identification Field of View
384-13 440m 110m 55m 28deg (H)
384-35 1100m 300m 150m 10deg (H)
880m 220m 110m 23deg (H)
640-35 1600m 400m 200m

12deg (H)

  • what is the maximum range of detection of the 640-35mm. and what is the warrenty

    1600 yds detection on the 640-35 and full warranty for 36 months on all models

  • would the magnetic mount stick to a aluminum body?

    It does not attach to aluminum but has 4 screws that can attach unit to any base .  Our specialist , Cole, can answer any questions you have about each unit .

  • Would this camera automatically record up to several hours and be able to download into computer, desktop or laptop? Such high cost is out of most of average people. When I have business, I can buy n tax write off as business operating expense. For now, price, about 3k with tax, is out of reach indeed!

    Yes, this camera has the ability to video for days and then be seen on a computer or other screen .  Our customers have seen huge success with each model .

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