Dove Hunting Gear   DOVE HUNTING GEAR

Dove hunting vest to store gear Dove hunting is the most popular wing shooting in the US. It's popularity is directly related the ease and expense of dove hunting related to other wing shooting sports. Dove habitat has not taken the enormous loses that waterfowl and other game birds have experienced so the opportunity to get into a dove shoot is greater than other scatter gun game because the supply and demand curve keeps a dove hunt well within more hunting budgets. And, to make the most of each dove hunt, shop our huge stock of dove hunting gear to make every hunt comfortable, efficient and successful. While a shotgun and #8 shot shells are all that is really needed for a doves Dove Gear & Dove Decoys hunt, camo hunting clothes to match the environment and weather as well as a well equipped dove vest and face cover will make your hunt more efficient and produce closure shots. Dove hunting is usually an early season activity and often requires treks Dove Hunting Face Mask through thick ground cover or brush to locate the best shooting station or to retrieve downed birds. This means SNAKES and a pair of snake boots of snake proof chaps will mean a safer hunt and a greater focus on birds rather than feet. Add a comfortable chair or stool, a few dove decoys - especially a spinning wing decoy and perhaps a call, and your pretty well geared up for an afternoon dove shoot. Gear up and get after the doves like a pro.

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