drake gearDrake Gear, like Drake Waterfowl, is all about duck hunting.  Drake designs and produces gear that is tough enough to stand hunt after hunt and season after season.  But, what really separates Drake's Gear and  merchandise from the rest of the field is their instinctive features.  Drake gear is loaded with gadgets and special features that make stowing, retrieving and protecting your gear easier and more efficient.  That means your hunts are going to be more comfortable, less frustrating and more productive with Drake gear in the blind.  Scroll down to learn more about Drake Gear at Texas Fowlers....
Our customers participate in product evaluation surveys everyday.  They vote when they click the "Buy" button.   And the Drake bags and the Drake backpacks are the most popular gear items among our customers.  And the camo pattern seems to be of interest as well.  While Max4 gear ruled for years - probably 2006 thru 2014, the new MossyOak Blades was gaining on the old Max4 so DRAKE GEAR - DRAKE MERCHANDISERealtree introduced the Max5 camo in 2014.  Our customers have voted Max5 Drake Gear as the most popular gear camo followed by Mossy Oak Blades and Mossy Oak ShadowBranch.  In 2014, Drake replaced the Mossy Oak Bottomlands camo with the new Mossy Oak ShadowBranch camo.  Bottomland Drake gear fans rushed to grab the remaining Bottomland stock and pushed this camo pattern to the top for a short period.  But, when the Bottomland is gone, that rush will be over.

Good News - for 2016 Drake gear will once again be available in the popular Bottomlands camo pattern.  As we said, customers vote everyday with a "buy Button" click.  And, the votes were for more Bottomland Drake gear.