DRAKE PULLOVERSIt all started with the 1/4 zip Drake pullover.  I can not image any other shirt or jacket that swept the across duck hunting community as quickly or completely.  This Drake Pullover with its awesome style, desirable wear inside of waders design and catchy logo was a quick success.  Why?    Scroll down to see why Drake Pullovers are the most popular duck hunting pullover......
.....Simple, because it is functional.  The Drake Pullover was the first duck hunting pullover designed to be camouflaged and waterproof above the wader on the chest and shoulders while 100% DRAKE PULLOVER on a duck huntbreathable fleece inside the wader.  Warm and dry, every duck hunter can appreciate that.  And, this pullover just looks cool.  It set the style and look for pullovers in the duck blind.

Or perhaps, it is just that the Drake pullover, like Waterfowlers, are all about waterfowl hunting.  Many duck hunters are 100% committed to the sport and they appreciate a company like Drake and a product like the Drake pullover that are also 100% committed to the sport.

Drake expanded their line of pullovers and currently there are a dozen or more Drake pullovers featuring every Drake Clothing system:  EST, MST and in 2015 Drake introduced the new LST Drake Pullovers.   The fleece lined Drake pullover is the second most popular top while the LST pullover line is gaining ground.