DRAKE SHIRTS | DRAKE SHIRT | DRAKE CAMO SHIRTDrake shirts are a very popular camo shirt especially among the duck hunting community.  The original Drake shirt was the Drake Vented Wing Shooters Shirt.   This shirt is available in short sleeve and long sleeve model. The original vented shirts are available in all the popular camo patterns as well as solid colors for casual wearing options. Scroll down to learn more about Drake Shirts at Texas Fowlers....

Over time the Drake Clothing line has grown and they have added several shirt models.  The DrakeMENS DRAKE SHIRTS | KIDS DRAKE SHIRT camo tee shirt and the Drake Shirt in the vented model but Two-Tone are a couple of the newer models. 

Drake shirts are designed and sewn with the hunter in mind.  And, each shirt includes the ever popular Drake logo.  Hunters that want to support their sport while be recognized as a duck hunter will want to wear their new Drake Shirt.  Nothing says waterfowl like the Drake logo and in Drake shirts you going to look and hunt like a pro.