FROGG TOGGS WADERSFrogg Toggs Waders are relatively new to the duck hunting and fishing world. Although founded in 1996, they did not begin the manufacturer and sale of  Waders until years later. But they got the quality program right on their first wader. These are durable waders and possibly the best value in a wader available at Texas Fowlers' or any other store.  Scroll down to view our full line of  waders from Frogg Toggs and learn more...

....Whether you choose a fishing wader or a hunting wader, the Frogg Toggs waders are one of theFROGG TOGG CAMO WADERS most reliable on the market.  We hope you choose Frogg Togg waders because their waders have a much lower return rate than any other wader we sale.  And, we regret wader returns as much as you.  Not only are they reliable, but they are packed with all the features that you demand when going outdoors as well as being cut and constructed for a comfortable fit. The Frogg Togg fishing waders  are made in multiple models to satisfy the most demanding outdoorsman from the weekend fisherman on a budget to the most discriminating shopper. The FROGG TOGG BREATHABLE WADERShunting waders are also available in several models to suit the hunters budget, climate and environment.  And, hunting waders feature the most popular camo patterns to match your other gear and blend in and disappear in marsh or swamp. We recommend the Frogg Togg waders for fishing or hunting. And, we carry all of the best styles, colors and camo patterns.