Fishing waders are the difference between a short, cold fishing trip and a full day of comfortable fishing. On this page you will find a huge selection of fly fishing waders. From lightweight breathable waders for fishingto heavy neoprene waders with insulated boots. And, to assist with a comfortable fit for fishers of every shape, we have an expandable fishing wader.

The biggest trout are always against the opposite bank and if you move to the other side of the stream, well Mr Rainbow does the same.? And, huge red fish and spotted seatrout seem to always feed in that trough just out of bank-side casting range. You bought a new pair of fishing waders so you are ready to go in after the fish that other fishers just dream about. Waders keep you dry and comfortable while getting you in range of that trophy catch..


breathable fishing waders

To find out more about the history and evolution of waders visit our main wader category page. Or continue reading to learn how to select a wader that best matches your fishing.

Breathable fishing waders are lighter than neoprene and rubber waders. On warmer days and warmers waters breathable waders are the perfect choice. And, breathable fly fishing waders feature a waterproof membrane which allows body moisture to escape for increased comfort and temperature control. Breathable waders for fishing are generally constructed of nylon or polyester. The multi-ply construction includes a waterproof membrane, such as Gore-Tex or similar membrane that stops outside moisture from entering and allows some moisture from perspiration to escape.

Breathable waders are the best waders for multiple-season use. The fisherman stays comfortable by dressing for the climate. Warm days and warm waters call for shorts and a T-shirt underneath but as the mercury drops, the fisher may wear multiple layers as required to maintain body heat. Breathable waders do not stretch and therefore the sizing is important. It is bestFLY FISHING WADERS to allow an inch to an inch and a half in inseam.This will provide ample room for stooping and bending in the low stretch breathable waders. That extra inseam will also make wading and walking easier.

fishing waders

Neoprene is waterproof and a fairly good insulator. Neoprene fishing waders are a good choice for cold water wading. Walleye are in the rivers as soon as ice is out. A 5mm neoprene wader is best for such icy waters. 3mm neoprene may be the wader for winter reds on the Gulf coast. Neoprene fly fishing waders come in bootfoot and stockingfoot. Bootfoot waders are easy on and off and offer the added feature of insulated boots. Stockingfoot neoprene waders are lighter and less expensive but require wading boots or shoes as well.

Chest high fishing waders are best for deep water wading and the extended height, while wading shallows provides an added measure of safety should you slip, stumble or otherwise find yourself on a knee or rear end. For shallow water wading and especially in warm weather, you may find a waist high wader or even a hip boot style fishing wader to provide adequate protection and a comfortable day.


  • Thoroughly freshwater rinse and dry your fishing waders after use.
  • Inspect your waders before every use to be sure there are no weak spots or punctures that will make them leak.
  • Completely dry your fishing waders then store them up in a cool, dark place with no direct sunlight. Hanging the wader with feet elevated will keep them cleaner and reduce moisture collection

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