LACROSSE WADERSLacrosse waders are serious waders for serious waterfowlers.  Lacrosse has manufacturer quality footwear and waders since 1897.  They are constantly improving technical aspects and manufacturer techniques and have maintain a premium wader image for years.  And, what makes Lacrosse waders one of our top sellers today? Nothing new, it is still quality and innovation.  Like the Armor Weld seam process.  Scroll down to learn more about Lacrosse Waders

Why are Lacrosse waders your best bet in duck hunting waders?  Quality and dependability!  LacrosseWATERFOWL HUNTING in LACROOSE WADERS is serious about dry duck hunting and they have developed and incredible system for seam seals on there neoprene duck hunting waders.  The Lacrosse Armour Weld process will keep you dry hunt after hunt and season after season.

Lacrosse Armor Weld is a 4 part seam sealing process that provides the WATCHING FOR DUCKS IN LACROSSE WADERSstrongest, most durable and abrasion resistant bond in the industry.  Ensuring waterproof protection.  Add their Brush Tuff outer layer and that's one tuff wader.  The Lacrosse Brush Tuff wader finish is an abrasion resistant material that protects against brush and briars, ensuring the durability of a Lacrosse product.  Brush Tuff includes an abrasion resistant rubber shell, abrasion resistant bidirectional weave to protect against brush and briars and a flexible, insulating neoprene core.  Now that is one tough wader all the way from the top of the line

Lacrosse Swamp Tuff Pro Wader to the Lacrosse Mallard Youth Chest Wader.  If you are seriuos about your duck hunting, you need to get into a Lacrosse wader for the driest, most comfortable hunt.