Rutwear Big Game Tecnologies  



RutWear Big Game Technologies shares the passion. The passion for deer hunting and the chance in a lifetime opportunity, the trophy buck of your dreams. As a deer hunter this is what we live for and why RutWear BGT was developed. Whether with a bow, black powder, rifle or shotgun, the rush and anticipation is the same. RutWear believes all the hard work and preparation doesn't stop at the field either. Whether they are making the best deer hunting pants are an insulated, waterproof hunting jacket, they work even harder in designing and building deer hunting gear that looks great, is built to last for seasons and has the features you need to stay in the field longer and more comfortably.

All the hard work and energy you've put into scouting and hanging the your blind or stand, preparing food plots and other habitat, cutting viewing/shooting lanes and on and on, RutWear puts an equal effort into the clothes and accessories you wear. That's just how they roll. Non-typical antlers are unique and considered a prize among their peers, RutWear chose the motto, "Non-Typical Gear" , like the antlers, because they have gone above and beyond to build gear that is truly different and more innovative than everything else on the market. Their hunting clothes are designed to keep you warm, dry and styled to make you proud to wear them. Check out the RutWear Non-Typical Gear and you will agree that they share the same passion as you and it shows in the special attention and effort that RutWear Big Game Technologies puts into designing and constructing the Non-Typical Gear.

And, RutWear is made by the same folks that bring you Drake Waterfowl. So you know they represent quality, functional hunting clothes and gear that is specifically designed and constructed for your game.

NDC 5.27.18