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      SMARTWOOL MERINO WOOLIt was cold toes on the ski slopes of Colorado that initiated the Smartwool concept.  Can toes collide with snow, ice and cold weather and remain comfortable?  Well the answer is yes and it is what Smartwool does with their Merino wool . ....Scroll down to learn more about SmartWool.

      That makes the SmartWool difference. Smatwool’s initial innovation was just the beginning and they continue to cover savy shoppers from head to toe with the finest Merino wool clothing.

      the SmartWool difference

      Why Merino wool and why only from south of the equator? .Merino sheep are bred and nourished to grow wool fibers that are an ideal length, thickness, color and strength for the finest socks, apparel and accessories. And, because the southern hemisphere sheep face a climate with varying weather and demanding conditions, they grow wool that is unique which keeps them warm in the winter yet cool in the summer. A stronger wool. Simply stated, this is the finest Merino wool to be found and it is found in the full line of Smartwool product.

      The foundation of their remarkable product line is this high quality Merino from the finest sources on earth. But what separates Smartwool from the competition is what they do with the finest wool our earth has to offer. And with roots in the America's southeast, the cradle of craftsmanship for taking fiber and transforming it into first class fabrics and then into products like Smartwool socks that outperform every other sock in the world.

      Smartwool then takes these superior fabrics made from the finest wool yarn and, through innovative assembly techniques, they create the wool clothing with the most comfortable fit imaginable. This innovation includes using thermal imaging to locate the hot and cold spots on the human body. This thermal map provides a guide to where Smartwool will apply more or less wool in a garment. Thus each piece is more efficient and comfortable. Athletes and those who participate in outdoor activities need technological advantages to perform at their peak. Smartwool uses and blends high performance fabrics to meet these needs.


      SmartWool is all about layering and they have produced a successful clothing line consisting of multiple layers because they approach layering as a system rather independent layers. Thus each layer is built on the best of the other and the result is layers that work together. Smart layers that are more efficient, with less bulk. These complimentary layers provided unrestricted movement and don’t bunch or seem bulky, so you are comfortable and have a complete range of unrestricted motion whether you are in the duck blind, on the ski slopes or just running a couple miles. Third party studies have shown that layering with wool is smart. Athletes are more comfortable and cooler when they cloth in Smartwool layers. Even as compared to those layered in synthetics.