Put on a new pair of snake chaps and lose the fear of snakes. Bird hunters really appreciate a good pair of snake proof chaps. Bird hunting is usually an activity for late morning or afternoon when temperatures are warmer and snakes are active. Bird hunting often collides with thick brush and grasses where snakes are more likely to hide from their predators or to ambush their prey. Because snake chaps are made to be worn over hunting clothes, we recommend snake chaps for all bird hunts.

We categorize our snake chaps into 2 basics styles based the extent of protection provided. Full protection and knee protection. The full protection snake chap, as the name implies, has full snake bite protection throughout the chap and will protect from snake bites up to the hip. Full protection snake proof chaps are more expensive, but as I have heard many times before, "You get what you pay for". Many that venture outdoors prefer the security of full protection and are happy to pay for it. Knee protection chaps, will stop snake bites up to the knee and provide marginal protect throughout the remainder of the snake proof chap.


Our Crackshot Chapz are available in a wide variety of colors and camo patterns. But the other brands offer only a few camos and rather than solid colors to choose from. The Whitewater chaps, especially their youth snake chap, are our lowest priced chap and the best seller. The Whitewater chaps are full protection chaps.

Snake gaitors or snake leggings refers to snake proof leg wear that protects to just below the knee. They are more comfortable than chaps and protect like snake boots but generally cost much less. Although leggings do not protect to the hip, they do provide excellent protection in the area that most snake bites occur.

Slide into your new snake chaps and hit the field with confidence.