Wool Sweaters are the perfect attire for a fall hunt or cool evening outdoors. Wool is natures special insulator. Wool fibers consist of an inner core of protein, which is covered by overlapping scales. The protein core will absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without becoming damp or clammy. And, on the coldest days afield, layering with a wool sweater is your best bet for a warm, comfortable hunt. The wool or fleece on a sheep protects the animal by first turning away rain and water. The fibers are strong and elastic, and are usually wavy, or crimped. The crimp of the Wool in your new wool sweater that produces insulating air spaces within the fleece and reduces the flow of body heat. The air near the skin is kept dry as the core protein traps moisture from this air, and repels it toward the outside of the fleece. The elasticity and strength of the fibers allow movement of the fleece without losing the air spaces or breaking the fibers. Body moisture management, insulating warmth and stretch for full range of movement means the perfect mid-layer for a cold day in the duck blind.

      And, wool sweaters create classic look that never goes out of style.