Wool underwear is special because wool fibers consist of an inner core of protein, coveredWOOL UNDER FOR THE FAMILY by overlapping scaly exterior.  The protein core can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without becoming damp or clammy. The fibers are strong and elastic, and are usually wavy, or crimped.  The crimp of a Wool Underwear produces the insulating properties of the wool.  These crimps trap air and this “dead” air is the insulation which reduces the loss  of body heat.   Scroll down to learn more about wool underwear.....

wool inners mens inners

.....When wearing Wool Underwear, the skin is kept dry as the wools core protein traps moisture from this air, and repels it toward the outside of the fleece. The scales are hard, reducing wear and tear on the fibers, at the same time preventing water penetration. Wool contains lanolin, a natural water-repellent grease which makes wool underwear naturally water resistant. WOOL UNDERWEAR FOR MEN . The wool or fleece on a sheep protects the animal by first turning away rain and water. The elasticity and strength of the fibers allow movement of the fleece without losing the air spaces or breaking the fibers. And, wool underwear is self cleaning – to a point. The scales naturally repels dirt, as well as water. Since the outer ends of all wool fibers point in the same outer direction, your wool underwear will remain clean longer, because movement of the fleece tends to push dirt to the outside