What Really Happened To Max 6?


Have you heard?  Realtree has designed a new camo pattern and everyone in the Duck Hunting world is left to wonder.  What happened to Max 6?  

Realtree introduced Max 1 years ago and followed it up with Max 4 and the popular Max 5. 

Duck Hunters were able to blend in to the multi-terrains and gather a full limit of birds to fill their pots and skillets each fall and winter.  But What happened to Max 2,3 and now 6?   Duck Hunters can only be left to fill in the blanks with some “unsubstantiated” theories.  

We HEARD that there’s a cabin deep in the woods surrounded by snow where “knowledgeable & wise” men gather to ponder NEW camo patterns.  Only a select group of hunters are invited to this secret weekend!  We’ve been told that spicy Boudin and Whiskey from a private still may be involved but we certainly cannot confirm or deny these claims! 

All we know is that something happens at this secluded cabin and we have new camo patterns appear months later—like a  birthing process of sorts!  The success of these patterns in fields across America depends on who brought the food and who supplied the spirits.

One year we heard about the pattern Widowmaker from a vendor and Lord only knows what type of boudin produced that name, but we surmise it was NOT good!!  The “wise and knowledgeable” men did NOT have a great weekend and decided to include a younger generation the following year with stronger stomachs and younger spouses.

But lets not get side-tracked. What’s up with Max 2,3 and 6?  There has to be a story behind the scenes and we at TXFowlers have decided to put a plant inside the cabin this year. 

We will get to the bottom of this if it’s the last thing we do.  Our customers and friends deserve to know the truth in an age where conspiracy theories and misinformation abound.  Our new “plant” will be fully stocked with boudin, crawfish, frog legs, chicken and dumplings and the all powerful GUMBO!  There will be no need for waterboarding the truth out of these guys, we will have pecan pie!

Stay Tuned

Mama Deb is on the job