The 20 gauge shotgun is lighter and often shorter to fit youth and women. Yet, a 20 gauge still packs a load of shot and a serious bump to targets and game. For this reason it is popular among women and kids.

20 Guage Choke Tube

20 gauge choke tubes slightly narrow the muzzle of the 20 gauge shotgun barrel to influence the shot Patterns stream and deliver a desired pattern. For more information regarding choke tubes performance and terminology go to our Choke Tube category page. 20 gauge choke tubes don't make the shot go farther. Their purpose is to deliver an effective density of shot at a particular distance. Choke tubes should be selected for the style of shooting expected and most probable shot ranges on a particular target. For very tight shooting, such as skeet or close range bird hunting, you may find improved cylinder or skeet 20 ga choke tubes to work best.

Hunt like a pro and shoot like an expert with a new 20 gauge choke.