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      Returning up to 90% of body heat, ArcticShield Clothes Re-Tain technology is a multi-layered barrier that resist the flow of body heat.  Unlike bulky insulated clothes that slow heat loss, Re-Tain captures and returns body heat making your hunting clothes much more efficient and comfortable.    Scroll down to learn more about Arctic Shield Clothes:

      Any of the ArcticShield Clothes will help keep you warmer, but various styles offer more or less warmth. And, let’s face it, some of us are cold natured while others are warm natured and smoe are more active while others refrain from strenuous activity. Given the same climate conditions – temperature, wind, moisture, humidity, ……; the more active you will be, the less warmth factor you will need. A hunt that is spotting and stalking, may require less warmth technology than a sit/ambush hunt.

      The Arctic Shield Clothes Warmth Factor is a 4 tier level rating that indicates the level of Re-Tain in a particular style of ARC clothing. This illustration depicts the quantity and location of Re-Tain in various warmth factor ratings. You may find this illustration useful in selecting the warmth factor that fits your conditions and puts the warmth in the area needed most. Choosing the correct model or style and the best warmth factor means you will stay comfortable, longer.

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      Arctic Shield Clothing WARM - Warmth Factor Light

      Protect the shoulders and upper body with Re-Tain for the lightest rating and least amount of technology.

      Arctic Shield Clothing WARM - Warmth Factor 1

      This #1 warmth level features Re-Tain in the torso area as well as the upper body and shoulders for complete core protection. Provides comfortable amount of warmth while exposed to cooler temperatures.

      ArcticShield Clothing WARMER - Warmth Factor 2

      Level 2 Warmth starts with the Level 1 complete torso coverage and adds Re-Tain to the upper arms

      Arctic Shield Clothing WARMEST - Warmth Factor 3

      Level 3 Warmth is the warmest ARC Warmth Factor maintains the Level 2 warmth and adds Re_Tain to the hood and neck of the garment to protect the head and neck areas. The Level 3 garment keeps you warmer, longer and in the coldest conditions.

      X-System is an anti-odor technology that is an effective, advanced way to control human body odor. It is a patented technology and found exclusively in Arctic Shield Clothing. Fabric fibers interrated with nano-silver particles is the basis of the X-System technology. The nano-silver particles eliminate bacteria which produce the odor.


      X-System works because:

      • Last the life of the garment
      • Embedded in the garments fibers, the silver nano-particles DO NOT wash out
      • Re-activation or regeneration is not required.

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