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      ARCTIC SHIELD JACKETAn Arctic Shield Jacket will put the warm in your hunt.  That's because and Arctic Shield jacket is the only hunting jacket that has the ARC Re-Tain technology.  Up to 90% of your body heat is captured by Retain and returned back to your body.  So, you stay warm with less bulk for a more comfortable hunt.

      The warmest Arctic Shield Jackets are the H3, Classic Parka, H6, Performance Parka, and the H7 Parka.  Each of these styles have the maximum Retain in both the torso and arms.  The H8 Parka also features the maximum ReTain, but our H8 stock is limited and the Climate Master Parka, which has the identical ReTain footprint as the H6 Performance Parka, is an awesome value at our closeout price. 

      Before we go any further, Texas Fowlers is waterfowl, so it should be mentioned that all of the Arctic Shield duck hunting jackets are not only 100% waterproof and available in the popular Realtree Max4 and Max5 camo patterns, but these ARC waterfowl jackets are also packed with the maximum ReTain and provide the highest Arctic Shield warmth factor. 

      You may have known about the ARC ReTain and that many of our customers swear that these are the warmest camo jackets on the market, but you may be surprised to learn that the Arctic Shield Jackets are also among the driest hunting jacket that we sale.  As of this writing we have sold Arctic Shield jacketsARCTIC SHIELD JACKET for WATERFOWL HUNTING for over a decade and we have had 1 (one) jacket returned because of a leak.  That is amazing!!  Especially for the waterfowlers that will find the Arctic Shield waterfowl jacket and parka among the warmest and driest in the field. 

      Stay warm, stay dry, stay in an Arctic Shield jacket on every hunt.