Arctic Shield Waterfowl Parka    ARC WATERFOWL HUNTING CLOTHES
Arctic Shield Waterfowl Hunting clothing

Arctic Shield Waterfowl Hunting clothing is probably not your first thought when considering the Arctic Shield brand, but the ARC duck hunting jackets and waterfowl hunting bibs are among the finest available and at an outstanding value. ARC's firm commitment to quality is demonstrated by the way they stand behind each garment right down to every stitch and snap. And, all of the Arctic Shield Duck Hunting clothes are 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable for the driest, warmest, most comfortable hunt and even in the worst conditions. And, these hunting jackets and bibs are packed with the exclusive ARC ReTain technology which captures body heat without the need for bulky insulation. Less bulk means greater range of unrestricted motion which translates to improved shooting and an overall easier, more comfortable hunt.

Realtree clothes

ARC Waterfowl Clothes mean business and are available in the most popular waterfowl camo patterns to ever look up the barrel of a shotgun - Realtree camo. The Realtree Max4 and Max5 camo patterns are the exclusive camo on all of the ARC waterfowl gear. But, if you prefer the Realtree AP Xtra, Realtree Edge or MossyOak Breakup Infinity camo, well these patterns are available on the same or similar ARC products.

Take advantage of the superior warmth and reduced bulk of the ARC ReTain as well as an absolutely100% waterproof protection and hunt waterfowl like a pro in your new Arctic Shield Waterfowl clothing.