Arctic Shield Climate Master Clothing  ARC Climate Master Clothing Series
The ARCTIC SHIELD CLIMATE MASTER CLOTHING is without a doubt, your best value in a waterproof, windproof deer hunting jacket or deer hunting pants with superior warmth and available in the popular Realtree APX camo pattern.  This series is a custom made line with the same warmth factor as the Performance Fit or H6 model.  That's because this series of hunting jacket, camo bibs and hunting pants has an identical ReTain footprint as the H6 apparel.   Hear heard right - the same warmth and quality at about 1/2 the price.  And, this Arctic Shield jacket, like all the ARC apparel including the Climate Master gear, is, again, 100% waterproof and windproof yet highly breathable.  The CLIMATE MASTER series also shares many other features with the Performance Fit series.  But , because this series was a custom order for a large retailer that could not complete the transaction, you will save big bucks when you buy the ARCTIC SHIELD CLIMATE MASTER CLOTHING.    .

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Save big and hunt like a pro with some folding money left in your pocket in the ARC Climate Master Clothes.