Arctic Shield Essential Clothes    ARC ESSENTIALS H4 CLOTHES The Arctic Shield Essentials Clothes, originally known as the H4 Series, are just what their name says.  This deer hunting jacket and camo pants are designed and constructed with all the quality and exactness of Arctic Shield but with only the essential quantity of their ReTain for capturing your body's heat.  The ARC Essential Clothing series is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable yet it is intended for early season or warmer climates where an Arctic Shield jacket with the full ReTain would just cook you in yur own body heat.  Bow hunters as well as early season primitive firearm hunters find the Essential Series, or H4 Clothing, a perfect choice.  This hunting apparel is lightweight, with almost no bulk yet provides adequate protection on cool days.  Get into your new Essential Hunting Clothes and stay comfortable on cool frosty mornings that warm into mid-day and be ready for a sudden shower.  That's why ARC means stay in the field longer.

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