Beretta gear

For Beretta gear, it all started in 1526 when Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta sold 185 arquebus barrels to the Arsenal of Venice. The Republic of Venice selected the Beretta barrels because of their excellence. Already a well known brand in Italy, superior quality and Beretta had become synonymous, the finest design and materials, and detailed construction for outstanding performance. Quality speaks for itself and soon the Beretta's reputation had spread beyond the borders of Italy and established uncompromising excellence that had past from generation to generation for fifteen generation of the Beretta family.

The trade secrets and attention to detail were passed by father to son, one generation after the next. This tradition continued decade after decade and century after century and never compromised the Beretta brand.

In the early 1800s wars and foreign domination made these times difficult. But, Pietro Antonio Beretta continued the Beretta tradition by traveling throughout Italy demonstrating the superior quality of his products. By the late 1800s as the US was entangled in a bloody civil war, Pietro Antonio’s son Giuseppe began international distribution of Beretta products creating new opportunities and propelling the company to an international brand.


The early 1900s and Beretta continues to grow as Pietro took control of the Company. He introduced modernized manufacturing methods and secured many patents for mechanisms and simplified construction. Subsequently Beretta became the first Italian firearms maker to join the elite modern firearms production facilities. His sons Giuseppe and Carlo continued modernizing the Beretta facilities expanding the Company’s multinational commercial and production activity in European countries and the United States. They pursued every opportunity in the shooting community including military, law enforcement and sport shooting.


Today Beretta enters its 6th century of production under the careful guidance of Ugo Gussalli Beretta and his sons Pietro and Franco. Over 500 years of experience, and technological investments and organization has expanded the Beretta product lines and maintain their competitive edge in the 21st century..


From 1500 til today, Beretta has valued Quality Without Compromise and the basis of their survival and growth over the years. This uncompromising commitment to quality was established almost 5 centuries ago, Bartolomeo Beretta established this un-compromised commitment to quality. And, this commitment remains the foundation to Beretta’s worldwide success.

And, this highest of quality standards is found in every product bearing the Beretta logo. So in addition to firearms of the most excellent craftsmanship, your Beretta clothing, including the high demand Beretta jacket ,will be un-surpased in in design and construction.

We also stock the finest of gun cases made by Beretta and at a price that just may afford an upgrade on your next Beretta shotgun.

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