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      Arctic Shield Boot Insulator  ARC BOOT COVERS
      aRCTIC sHIELD bOOT cOVERSThe Arctic Shield Boot Cover Insulator - what a clever idea, especially for the ambush hunter.  Your hunt usually begins with activity.  Perhaps you are walking to your hunting blind, stand or other hunt location, setting up decoys or preparing legal bait areas, clearing shooting lanes or other activities that tend to keep the body and feet warm.  Now the pre-hunt task are complete and you find your place in the selected hide and wait for shooting time and action.  Initially your feet and toes are toasty warm because of the activity and the nice hunting boots and wool socks that you are wearing.  But as you sit in ambush and wait for action your blood flow slows, your body's calorie burn rate drops and your not producing the body heat that flows through the bloodstream to warm the feet.  So your toes and feet begin to cool.  Initially your comfortable but soon the cooling turns to a little chill.  First in the toes and then this chill spreads to the feet.  Add a howling north wind and some precipitation and it doesn't take long until the lack of warmth from activity has got you down right uncomfortable.  You need Arctic Shield Boot Insulators.

      Arctic Shield is well aware of all the cold feet in tree stands and other blinds built for hunting.  They saw an opportunity for a product that could keep your feet warm when sitting in ambush position for hours on in and even in frigid weather.   So they designed a boot insulator packed with their amazing ReTain which captures 90% of the body's warmth and returns it to the body while stopping the penetration of external cold and without bulky insulation.  The boot insulator is designed to go from your backpack or even back pocket and slip right over your boots to form an extra layer of warm, windproof protection.  The Boot Insulator is lightweight and the low bulk of ReTain makes it very compact and packable.  It is the perfect fix for cold feet in 50F to temperatures that are substantially below 32F.    Available in a multitude of sizes for a snug fit over any boot size.  You are going to love your new Arctic Shield Boot Covers whether you are on the hunt or ice fishing, sporting events and tailgating.  Go like a pro with warm feet in a pair of ARC Boot Insulators.

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