BROWNING DIRTY BIRD is the most effective, ergonomic and comfortable clothing that hasBROWNING DIRTY BIRD LOG represents the best waterfowl gear ever taken its place in a duck blind or poled a duck boat through flooded timber. Starting with Pre-Vent fabric, PrimaLoft Synergy insulation and we combined highly functional tailoring to produce a feature-rich selection of parkas, jackets, bibs and pants. The Browning Dirty Bird line also includes base and insulation layers. Dirty Bird will keep you warmer, drier and more comfortable than any hunter in the marsh, and even those dirty birds.


Browning Dirty Bird technical outerwear was designed by die hard water fowl hunters. The Dirty Bird line is prepared for ANY weather with parkas, jackets, and bibs for extreme cold and precipitation as well as soft shells and fleeces for more moderate days. And, the Dirty Bird layer items use the Vari-Tech design to allow even greater freedom of movement. A unique insulation designed to allow greater breathability during physical exertion.

BROWNING DIRTY BIRD CLOTHESA few of his reasons for wearing Browning Dirty Bird waterfowling clothing:

A hard core waterfowler doesn't want to forgo a day at the marsh because the mercury drops out of sight and a freezing rain.. Primaloft Insulation keeps you warm, is lightweight, and doesn't retain moisture and combined with a waterproof shell, and you have an amazing parka or jacket. Build a pair of bibs or field pants to the same Dirty Bird specs, and your covers and snag as a bug.

When your hands are above your elbows they naturally point up, and when they are below your elbows they point down. Angle-Entry pockets are designed around the human the natural alignment of the arm and hand. The lower pockets are slanted down to more naturally fit your hands in that position. While the two chest high, handwarmer Angle-Entry pockets slant up. Comfortable, ergonomic fit for your wrists when you fish shell or a call out of your BROWNING DIRTY BIRD parka or jacket pockets.

For those days when the sun comes out and you can feel your fingers, the Dirty Bird line up has comfortable soft shells and fleeces to keep you comfortable. Layer up for the morning frost and peel-down as the day warms. The layering items provide excellent warmth and the most breathable garments in the blind.

Some hunters drive up to a blind or step into an air boat and miss the most of the challenge that waterfowling offers. But if you start your hunts by strapping on a huge bag of decoys and tromping a mile into the marsh to find the perfect spot, hunting ducks and geese can work up a real sweat. Browning Dirty Bird has the perfect gear for both hunters.

DIRTY BIRD GEAR on saleThe Dirty Bird Vari-Tech Temperature and Motion Design features highly tailored pleated leg construction that is pre-curved and follows the natural bend of your knee. This means less material behind your knee in the sitting position, and greater range of easy, unhindered motion when your busting through brush, mud and other obstacles, or when climbing in and out of boats, ATVs and blinds.

The Dirty Bird Vari-Tech Temperature and Motion Design features variable insulation. Dirty Bird jackets and parkas have heavier insulation in the body for added torso warmth and lighter insulation in the sleeves to provide a full range of motion. PrimaLoft® Synergy insulation is used in the body of the jacket and a bonded 3-layer fabric in the sleeves so you get warmth where you want it and ease of movement where you need it. Dirty Bird variable insulation is the best of both worlds with Vari-Te