The field or blind bag is an essential piece of waterfowl hunting gear. These bags, commonly know as blind bags, are specifically designed to store your waterfowl gear - gloves, choke tubes, ammo, shooting glasses, field glasses, camo hats, and on and on - in an organized manor. Thus your gear is easy to load into your vehicle, transfer to the duck boat or atv, and transport to the field. Once in the blind or field pit a gear bag makes it a snap to locate the right gear at the right moment. Essential, agreed?

The Drake Waterfowl gear bag is our best selling field bag but the Avery/GHG bags are also extremely popular.

All of our field bags are camouflage in contrast to the many leather and solid color shooting sports bags which you'll find in our shooting sports category. Realtree Max5 is the best selling camo pattern while MossyOak Bottomland is preferred by flooded timber hunters. MossyOak Blades is another popular field bag camouflage pattern. Blades is preferred by coastal hunters in Louisiana and the California valley hunters. If you have been hunting without a field bag, we highly recommend you give one a try. It will improve your hunt and make you more successful. If you have outgrown your current bag or perhaps it is used beyond repair, your on the right page to purchase a quality blind bag at a bargain price.