A camo jacket is a very important part of every hunt.  While the jacket protects you from the elements and thereby extends the hunt, the camo conceals the hunter from wary eyes.  The camo jacket is most effective on game that do not rely on scent to locate danger.  That's why a camouflage jacket is perfect for the waterfowl hunter.  Scroll down to learn more......

Hunters that stalk or ambush their prey rely on camo to conceal their whereabouts. Deer hunters use camo jackets but the camouflage is marginalized by the deer's ability to locate them by smell. However, a camouflage duck hunting jacket is very effective. Although waterfowl do have a strong sense of smell, the ambush hunt over decoys creates a situation where the bird usually approaches at a rather quick rate reducing the opportunity to locate a hunter by smell. For best results in the field and more ducks on the strap, duck hunters should select a camouflage jacket with a pattern that blends into their hunting environment.