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a casual clothes guidelines

Casual clothes may be defined in many ways. Certainly most everyone would agree that formal clothing would not be considered casual under any circumstances. And, although these are often worn in a casual atmosphere, for our purposes camo clothes and hunting clothes are not considered casual clothing and these will be found under our HUNTING CLOTHES category. Sportswear or active wear is clothing that is worn while engaging in various sports or exercise activities. However, sportswear is often worn as casual fashion clothing. And, casual clothing as a general clothing category is often divided into sub-categories depending the quality and/or style of the item.

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The casual attire that will fit a backyard bar-b-que may be quite different from business casual which may be worn in an office work environment. And, over the years, different times have assigned different definitions to casual clothes. According to Wikipedia, in the 20th century comfortable, durable overalls, made in denim as well as corduroy, were also sometimes worn as casual clothes. But in that century, rural casual, or what we may consider the first step up from street wear, was the most common casual wear. Our century tends toMens casual clothes merge the street wear and basic casual while business casual has expanded in size and is generally considered to be divided into 2 levels of business casual - business casual and smart casual. With the smart casual being recognized by fewer and more conservative colors choices as well as an uptick in quality and price.

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