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Texas Fowlers first viewed Drake Waterfowl at SHOT Show, Orlando, FL in 2003. Drake had just completed their first season of operation and were in the earliest phases of the Drake Waterfowl Systems development. We have followed their growth and development as their line of quality products exploded from the 6 - 8 clothing pieces and a few decoy bags in the 2002 to the current 2020 mega line. In addition to Drake apparel, their line of gear includes gun cases as well as the infamous Drake Jackets, Drake Waders and the original Drake Pullovers. The waterfowl hunter only need look at the rapid growth and success to see why Drake is the number 1 waterfowl systems manufacture. Wondering how this happened.

In 2002, Drake embarked on a mission to design and construct the most effective and unique duck hunting clothing in the field. From the beginning they were aware that the common jacket, even a very warm jacket, would not catch the eye of the avid duck hunter. The hunter's, that hit the field every chance they get - the Drake Waterfowl Hunters. They were determined to develop the most functional waterfowl hunting clothes and gear - Drake Waterfowl Gear. Gear that performs and looks great in the multitude of environments and weather that a waterfowler encounters. And, they realized that complete success would require a new concept in hunting clothes: a revolution, a clothing "SYSTEM" with the flexibility to protect every hunter in every duck hunting environment. And, so born out of necessity: the birth of a systems approach to duck hunting gear - the Drake Waterfowl Systems.

A systems approach to clothing for the dedicated waterfowl hunter. Experienced and well traveled hunters that know hunting seasons range anywhere from early teal at 90 degrees to late mallards at -10F and that often hunters are faced with weather patterns that make it easy to put on too much or not enough clothing for the conditions. Too many layers means your too hot, especially when active, and these excess layers hinder mobility when shooting or performing hunt task. Too much clothing also leads to excessive perspiration during pre-hunt activities - walking in, building and brushing blinds, setting decoys, .... Perspiring dampens the lower layers and allows excessive heat loss later in the hunt. But, on a frigid morning, not enough layers is not only uncomfortable, it can be down right dangerous. Frigid predawn boat rides without the proper clothing will ruin a hunt. Weather changes are a challenge in themselves but not the only variable to consider when dressing for a hunt. What is cold to one person is comfortable to another. Let's call the perception of cold, hot, humid, .... perception difference between individuals the YOU factor. Every hunter has a different activity level depending on your physical condition or perhaps you just hate ducks more than the next guy? And, because the ducks may find you in a rice field pit today, a flooded timber hole tomorrow or a South Dakota corn field next week; your activity level may vary form one hunt to another.


Drake's systems approach is versatile enough to meet the challenges of weather changes and the YOU. They developed and continue to fine tune their waterfowl gear based on this systes approach.. And ultimately they arrived at a three category approach: the EST or Early Season, and the MST or Mid Season and and last, the hard core, LST or Late Season. From these three waterfowl systems, a waterfowl hunter can select layers that cloth and protect in any time of year and any hunt conditions. Drake System has more options and more links in the "systems" chain than any other waterfowl clothing line.

And to compliment the broad technology base and dozens of layer system options, their clothing is available in all of the popular and functional Realtree and MossyOak camo patterns. Choose the camouflage to match your hunt - stay comfortable, stay well hidden - enjoy another great hunt.

Did we mention every hunter? That's right. The Lady Drake clothes and the Young Gun for Kids clothing assures that everyone in the duck blind is covered with the Drake System.

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