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Who Is Rivers West Clothing?

In the Fall of 1997, shortly after returning from the Cascade Mountains of Central Oregon and the coldest and wettest hunting trip of his life, Michael McGinley, founder of Rivers West Hunting Clothing, realized that there was a need for completely waterproof hunting clothes which were made from the most rugged material available.

So just what happened on this hunt in 1997 that made Michael ponder the current options in hunt wear? Well first his nice wool jacket and himself become soaked through. And, to make matters worse, that hunting jacket hung by the fire for hours before it was dry once again. Afterward, he had a vinyl rain slicker which did keep him dry but it was very noisy on the trail and hindered his movement. He also had a nice Gore-Tex parka and while it did keep him warm and dry initially, it was also noisy and sprang a leak when the sleeve ripped when it snagged on a tree limb. Finding the current options extremely disappointing, he returned home with a goal to create 100% waterproof, tough-as-nails hunting attire.

What Makes Rivers West Hunting Clothing Such A Great Choice?

After three years of research and trial, Michael introduced the Original Waterproof Fleece (OWF). 100% waterproof and silent fabric, OWF hunting clothes are also durable and comfortable in the field. What a success. As a matter of fact, OWF was so successful and performed so well that it won the Field and Stream Magazine Best of Best award in 2005 and again in 2006. However, the OWF characteristics which made it such a success are also less than perfect for others. The OWF features that make it a very warm, rugged, waterproof fabric that is just the best for cold and wet days also limit the breathability of the garment. Hunters that go afield in warm weather such as early season and southern locals, sometimes find the OWF just a little too heavy.

Rivers West clothing responded by developing the Advanced Waterproof Fleece (AWF). While OWF is still by far the best choice for the coldest and wettest conditions, AWF is more suitable for warmer days and climates because AWF is a 2-layer fleece fabric that is waterproof and breathable.

Once again, problem solved. RIVERS WEST clothing introduces a fabric that makes hunting clothes 100% waterproof and extremely rugged, however, fitted to the southern, warmer climates with breathable comfort.

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Rivers West Clothing is completely unique, so they knew if they made Rivers West women’s clothes and a youth line of Rivers west Clothes, they would be well received. No matter your age, size, or gender, this brand offers an incredible selection that will have you looking and feeling your best on your next adventure. Find Rivers West hats, Rivers West Jackets, or even Rivers West hunting pants today.

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