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      BEST DRAKE JACKETSDRAKE JACKETS are our most popular duck hunting jacket because we are waterfowl hunting gear and nothing says waterfowl hunting more than a DRAKE WATERFOWL JACKET.  We have the 3 in 1 jacket, the 3 in 1 plus 2 jacket, the 4 in 1  parka, the LST Down jacket, the Synthetic Down Jacket and many other DRAKE COATS in our huge Texas warehouse. 
      DRAKE JACKETS in actionAt Texas Fowlers you will find Drake Jackets in every duck hunting camo pattern including Realtree Max5, MossyOak Shadowgrass Blades and MossyOak ShadowBranch, Bottomland, Realtree Max4, and DuckBlind.   If that is not enough, we have the Drake jackets for kids, Young Guns, and the Drake Coats for women, Lady Drake Jackets, in all sizes and camo patterns. 

      Drake is sure to have the perfect jacket for any season, every hunt and all weather conditions.  An EST Drake Waterfowl Jacket is perfect for early season and warmer days afield.  Then switch toDRAKE JACKETS in all the popular camouflage patterns an MST Drake Coat as the season progresses and fall prepares for ole man winter.  Winter duck hunting is the best there is with Greener - Greenheads, Whiter Neck Bands and Oranger feet, but you will also find harder water.  An, LST Drake Jacket would sure be nice on a frigid winter hunt.  What ever the weather, you will stay dry and warm in a Drake coat.

      HyperShield 2.0 technology featured on many of the Drake Waterfowl jackets is a 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable shell.This waterproof technology was developed and introduced in 2013 and makes Drake's new 2.0 line the most dependable, dry jackets ever.