DRAKE WADERS - DRAKE WATERFOWL WADERSLooking for an awesome wader? Loaded with features? Hunting waders with a huge selection of camo patterns? Drake Waders featuring the Eqwader Wading System - click, select, choose, buy, .... no matter how you get them - you need Drake Waders. Versatile waders for every hunting situation and weather. Drake EST waders are light weight and breathable. The EST wader will keep you dry and cool in early season or on a September teal hunt. Add some layers and Drakes wool wader socks and your good for the coldest of days, without the bulk and weight of extreme weather LST Drake Wader with heavy weight 5mm neoprene. Drake Chest DRAKE WADERS for warm early seasonwaders with the EST wader label are a must in every hunter that wants to hunt every waterfowl opportunity.

      Drake waders have a mid-range model also. The Drake MST wader. The Mid Season Technology - MST Wader, is perfect for the mid season temperature and weather conditions. 800 grams of Thinsualte insulation in the boots, 3.5mm neoprene upper and a long list of features that will make every hunt more enjoyable and productive. A littel lighter and less bulky than its big brother, the LST Wader, many hunters find the the MST Drake Wader is the only wader they need for the entire season.

      Ok - now it is really cold. Your breaking ice, plowing through snow that is coming across sideways in a stiff breeze.  You check a thermometer and the mercury has disappeared. Time for the LST Drake wader. The LST Wader is the Drake wader for the coldest of conditions. LST waders are brutes - 5mm neoprene upper that has a fleece lining for additional warmth. 1600 grams of Thinsulate insulation in the boots, and of coarse more features than are even necessary for a complete hunt.  You'll find the LST wader in a wide variety of drake waders for late season cold weathercamo patterns including Drake's Old School camo waders. 

      Too may options?  Just can't decide on EST or MST or LST?  Well you could buy one of each or maybe the new MST Hybrid wader.  Drake combined the comfort and versatility of a breathable wader with the warmth of a neoprene wader.  Above the waist you'll find the comfort of breathable, light weight EST technology while below the waist the insulation of a neoprene wader.  The MST Hybrid Wader comes with all of our Instinctive Features that hunters demand for waterfowl hunting.  The breathable upper body allows for more less inner layers and adapts to wider temperature range while providing greater freedom of movement.  If you prefer wearing a jacket over the top of your waders, you'll find the Drake MST Hybrid with it's less bulky, light upper tucks nicely into your outer jacket.  Below the waist,  the 3.5mm neoprene portion of the wader provides mid-season insulation and the comfort while the 800 gram Thinsulate boot insulation keeps your feet warm in frigid waters.

      Drake wader neoprene seams are secured using the Drake DryFuse Seam Technology, a four-phase process that seals the seams like no other neoprene wader on the market.  The seams are stitched for strength, glued for bonding, then covered internally with top-grade waterproof seam-seal tape.  And, with the inside seam secure, the external side of all neoprene wader seams are covered with a liquid seam weld for the highest level of protection found in waterfowl hunting waders.

      Drake waders means versatileity - EST, MST, LST or MST Hybrid;  technology - DryFues Seams, Hydro-Durance Heavy Duty HD2, and Eqwader; options - camo patterns and loads of features; that will meet every hunting situation you encounter.  Drake waders and Texas Fowlers is waterfowl done right.