Hunting ducks on opening day is generally easy or at least easy compared to hunting the last weeks of the season. When the steel hits the air, ducks and geese wise up rather quickly. Hunters generally drive their vehicle, atv or walk to a duck hunt, but ducks, with the mobility of light, find safe zones and stackup shortly after their buddies begin splashing with webs up. By safe zones we are referring to areas of duck habitat that can not be accessed by vehicle or atv and require a substantial walk carrying gear to be hunted. I have hunted public areas for years and find that a 1 mile walk eliminates about 70% of the hunters and a 2 mile walk means I am all alone. So, unmolested, the ducks just congregate in these safe zones.

Introducing the duck boat. Lightweight, usually aluminum hulls with air drive propulsion or the relatively new "mud motor" shallow water outboards' these boats and specifically these drive systems can access the shallowest, muckiest safe zone wetlands. And, just like that; duck hunting was easy again.

Duck boats have grown in popularity and along with the popularity a huge array of duck boat accessories have hit the market. Camo jobs in every imaginable camo pattern as well as the usual boat stuff like camo life jackets, floating gun cases, paddles and oars. A truely pimped duck boat will be equipped with blinding headlights, a pop-up blind, portable dog ladder, gun storage boxes, grab bars, a sound system and perhaps even an outdoor kitchen for the hot breakfast. Get your duck boat supplies here and go like a pro.