Duck Commander Gear      DUCK COMMANDER GEAR

Duck Commander began in 1972 as a brand of duck calls produced by Phil Robertson. Phil lived to hunt ducks but could not find a duck call that, to him, made the exact sound of a duck. So he set out to produce a game call with the exact sound of a mallard duck. After completing college, a couple years as a teacher and some commercial fishing, Phil found his calling in making duck calls and patented his new Duck Commander call and established his new business in 1973.

The Duck Commander calls are effective calls. I have used several including the original Duck Commander and the Mule, Ole Raspy and my nephew swears by the Brown Sugar call. And, the calls were, and still are, priced such that the average hunter could afford them. With the calls popularity, Phil expanded the Duck Commander brand and soon included his famous Mallard Drake call as well as teal, pintail whistle and .......

Phil began producing and selling duck hunting videos in the 80s and continued into the 90s. These visibility that these videos produced contributed to the continued growth of the Duck Commander brand. Soon Phil's popularity commanded not only ducks, but licensing dollars to use the Duck Commander brand and logo along with established brands like Browning. The Duck Commander brand/logo was associated with the Browning waterfowl line in the 90s and early Y2Ks. Browning produced an awesome duck hunting jacket by offering their popular Big Game system parka in the MossyOak Shadowgrass and Breakup camo patterns with the Duck Commander log. Then Lacrosse waders picked up the logo with a duck hunting wader about 2005 but after only a couple seasons, the Duck Commander logo appeared on ATK, Federal Ammo, chest waders then in a couple more years on to a Proline camo wader.

Drake Waterfowl produced a "Duck Commander" line of hunting clothes that included a very popular duck hunting coat, duck hunting pants and bibs as well as assorted accessories. The Duck Commander clothes were a very good seller, but, once again, after only a couple years at Drake Waterfowl, the Duck Commander license/logo moved to the Under Armour line of waterfowl clothing where again, it had a short life of 2 or less seasons.

Texas Fowlers has been a Duck Commander dealer since 2003, long before the popular Duck Dynasty series propelled the Duck Commander brand into the enormous conglomerate that it is today. Now the line includes tees, hoodies and even baby clothes like the popular Happy, Happy, Happy Onsie.

We are waterfowl hunting, and all of the dynasty hoop-law aside, we still recommend Duck Commander calls. These calls are still remarkably effective and priced to be the best value in a highly functional call that makes a great Duck Commander gift. Get a new Duck Commander call, get back to the simple basics and hunt like a pro.