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      Everyone knows that any day fishing beats even the best day at work. And since the best fishing is quite often associated with the worst weather, fishermen and women demand dependable, waterproof fishing clothes.

      The earliest waterproof clothes were common fabrics coated with a waterproof or water repellent substance such as oils, waxes or jack tar. But in my lifetime we have watched waterproof fishing clothes evolve into 100s of various waterproof technologies. Today its seems as though every brand of clothing for fishing has their own proprietary waterproof technology. HZO, DryTech, StayDry, ImDry UDry, ...... almost comical. But basically most waterproof technologies are the same, a waterproof membrane is laminated to the fabric and the seams are taped and sealed. There are exceptions, but the waterproof membrane is the most common waterproofing method used BASS FISHING CLOTHESin fishing clothes as well as hunting clothing.

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      The best fishing clothing is lightweight and easy to stow or pack. Packable means that this gear is easily accessible when a downpour comes but not a burden when packed or stowed. Many brands have technologies that keep their fishing jacket and bibs lightweight but warm. And a few brands, like Arctic Shield, feature technologies that capture or reflect body heat and therefore have a much lower bulk to warmth ratio. Less bulk means a greater range of movement and greater comfort for casting or performing other fishing activities.

      We stock fishing shirts, jackets and bottoms by the top brands including clothing for the kids and ladies in the boat. Quality wear that will make you look your best and fish like a pro. Make everyday on the water a good day fishing.