Frogg Toggs

Frogg Toggs gear is designed for you and created for the outdoors. In 1996 the founders at Frogg Toggs saw the need for lightweight, breathable rainwear that would fit the family on a budget. They created an innovative fabric to fit that need and combined it with a promise of total customer satisfaction. Today Frogg Toggs gear is a towering force in the rainwear industry and continuing to grow.

Nature is tough - Frogg Toggs gear is tougher. For the past 20 years, Frogg Toggs has been building gear for the outdoorsman that demands products that will last. Those that don't let a rainstorm stand between them and an adventure deserve rain gear that will will give its best. And, not a day goes by that Frogg Toggs is not working to make better gear by creating new materials and technology that meets Mother Nature head on. Whether your outdoor adventure is hiking, fishing, hunting, golf, or taking to our highways on 2 wheels, Frogg Toggs gear has outerwear that is built specifically for your needs. And, they build to be affordable so having the best possible protection does not have to break your budget. But, what is most important is the styling and look of Frogg Toggs clothes. Your going to look great and go like a pro in your new gear by Frogg Toggs.


Why is Frogg Toggs gear the driest outerwear for any occassion - It's Frogg Toggs technology at work. Frogg Togg outerwear utilizes their patented DriPore technology which is found exclusively in 8 different Frogg Toggs fabrics and comprise and amazing 45 different products. A microporous film with pores that are 20,000 times smaller that a drop of water is the backbone behing DriPore technology. These pores are much too small to allow water to pass but they breath air and allow moist air to pass through keeping you drier and more comfortable inside. The Frogg Toggs DriPore fabrics are an awesome innovation and will protect you in the outdoors, but even the driest fabric is only as good as the garment seams. Frogg Toggs Frogg Fold seam design complements the DriPore fabrics with the best in waterproof protection. A Frogg Fold seam is taped and stitched for increased seam strength and moisture protection without compromising garment comfort or weight. This technology also provides wind protection when the wind chill factor takes a dive. Simply stated, Frogg Toggs gear is tough and designed to perform season after season.

Hunters find the camo Frogg Toggs clothes as dry as it gets and conveniently packable and camo Frogg Togg Waders warm and reliable. And, fishermen depend on the rugged, stylish Frogg Toggs fishing apparel and the Frogg Toggs fishing waders that are available in numerous styles with all the features that wade fishers demand. Check the subcategory links above and you'll find Frogg Toggs gear for Kids, women and men. Frogg Toggs Gear - the only gear that wont leak on you

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