Grabbing your game call, hopping into your favorite hunting clothes, loading the truck and heading out on the hunt is just in our blood. It is as natural as breath itself. The anticipation, planning/strategy and the hunt itself are something we long for from the day the season closes until it reopens the following year.

Ambush hunting or stalk and watch is a successful strategy and has been adopted for hunting any game from waterfowl to deer. Often the hunter will utilize decoys to attract the game to within range or distract the game's attention away from the hunter. But ambush hunting, with or without decoys, is much more exciting and successful with a quality hunting call manipulated by and accomplished caller. Whether it is a mallard duck call, a deer grunt call or an elk bugle call; not many aspects of hunting compare to the thrill and satisfaction of a well operated game call and the game responding in the affirmative.

Most calls attract the prey but other calls are used to locate and animal or bird to start a successful stalk or setup a decoys ambush hunt using a call that will now attract the game which has been located. If you have not used game call on your hunts, do a little internet research or talk to some experienced callers and pick just the right hunting call for your game. Practice, practice, practice and then, hit the hunt calling like a pro.