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In the states we usually referred to these unique clothing items as hoodies or hoody or perhaps hooded sweatershirts. But, in Saskatchewan Canada I frequently hear a hoddy called a "bunny hug". A bunny hug? Go figure? In any case, what ever you call them, the hoody is simply the most versatile and common attire found on the streets, pub or outdoors today. Many hoodies advertise this brand or that product and reveal something about the character or the person wearing the jacket. While others sport the latest camo patter or a simple plaid for a style that defines the wearer.

With its warm hood which breaks a winter breeze and keeps the head & neck warm, the hoody is an awesome outerwear on a chilly day. And, as winter days grow shorter and winter's bite grows stronger, the hoody is often worn as a mid layer under a camo hunting jacket, ski jacket or perhaps an outer down jacket.

The hoody has gone beyond a functional attire for simple protection from the elements, these mid season jackets are seen on the hottest summer day. The hoody has become, like the cap, an item that is worn daily by many that choose to define themselves with this versatile item.

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