two women out for hunting

The hunting jacket is the #1 selling hunting attire. A jacket protects the wearers torso and therefore helps protect the core body. And, you will find a jacket made to match any weather condition and every environment a hunter can face. There are also jackets with features and technical advantages for any particular game.

A man had a successful hunting experience with hunting jacket

Deer hunting jackets are made in camo patterns and feature pocket arrangements to work best while deer and or big game hunting. We stock a large number of jackets for hunting deer, but the most popular are the Browning Jacket and the Under Armour Jackets. Running a close third would be our Arctic Shield jackets and parkas and especially our well known ArticShield Classic Parka and Bib Set.

A man in a hunting jacket for cold climates

We are all about duck hunting and we stock 100s of jackets for this sport. Therefore it is no surprise that our #1 selling hunting jackets are the Drake Jacket, because for the past 10 years Drake has been a leading brand for duck hunters. While duck hunting jackets will be found in special camo patterns for the duck environment and with special features such as call holders or shot shell holders.

kid in a hunting jacket just captured a duck

Some jackets are made to be comfortable in warm, humid climates and others are insulated and include body retaining technologies for the coldest days afield. No jacket will work best in every hunting situation and climate. That is why Texas Fowlers stocks a boat load of jackets for hunting including women's hunting jackets and hunting jackets for the kids.

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