A hunting pack is essential hunting gear for your hunting gear. That's right, the hunting back pack carries and organizes all your gear and transports that gear with your hands free to perform hunt task our catch a fall should you be overcome by the muck. Camo hunting packs are generally larger than hunting bags and carry more gear with the comfort of sometimes padded shoulder straps. And, the best hunting packs like the Boyt DU Backpack and the Drake packs at loaded with external pockets and pouches and designed to organize your gear such that you can quickly locate hunting gloves, choke tubes, field glasses, camo hats, calls, ammo, duck jacket or what have you. Hunting, especially duck hunting, has become a highly technical sport and the gear list continues to grow year after year. And, some of that gear, like decoy or call batteries, are rather heavy. The backpack is designed to haul a much heavier load than ordinary camo bag and is generally preferred by hunters with heavy loads or long walks. Load all your gear in your new hunting pack and you are ready to hit the hunt transporting all the stuff you need to stackup the green of trackdown some serious bone. We got the best backpack at bargain prices.